Saturday, September 24, 2011

18th Birthday 2011.

Date : 22nd September 2011
Time : 7PM-12AM
Venue : Red Box Sunway

I'm thinking which post should I write first. Arthur's Day or 18th Birthday Party. Well, ended up, I decided to post about my 18th birthday party! There is a lot of pictures that I can't upload it one by one. =(


Stay tune for Arthur's Day blog post. =)

Birthday girl is always got cheated by friends around you. Hahaha. This is my conclusion. Well,
1. Mikie parked her car at Chin's hostel.
Reason : Pyramid parking fees very expensive. *I trusted her*

2. Miss Christy said that, she is not free.
Reason : She got lotsa work to do, need OT to finish up. *Trusted*

3. Mr. Hong said that, he'll bring me somewhere to celebrate.
Reason : Only me and him. *Trusted*

4. Mikie said that, She accompany Chin go buy something after class.
Reason : Two of them can walk back to hostel together. *Agreed*

etc etc.......

In fact, I over-trusted my friends. Hmmmm..........Mr. Hong secretly bring me to Red Box. At first, I thought only me and him. But when I enter that room, I saw my lovely -5 classmates were there and my babe Poh Yee. Awwwww *tears drop*. I told babe Poh Yee that, it would be perfect if my 'family' is here joining us. Suddenly, around half n hour later, they appeared! I was like.........OMG! How come! *tears drop again*. My birthday party is perfect with each and everyone of you. *touched & thankful* Thanks Mr. Hong for organizing this surprise party for a month. *love you always <3*

Babe Wan Sin and Jo. =D

Jane. <3

Babe Chin & Mikie. =))

Babe Poh Yee.

Guess what they looking.

Mr. Hong stupidly planned something.
i.  He OTL on floor, I sit on the back and he making donkey sound.
ii. Hugssss. <3
iii. He the guys. Hehehehe. You guys think what is it. Ain't gonna tell. =P
iv. I be the pole, I pole dance me then Mr. Hong be the pole, I pole dance him.

*OTL* It's really like some kind of 18sx party.



I always always love you guys. Each and everyone of you. No more or less.

My precious 'family'. Always love you guys. More more more, no less. Too bad, Dr. Siew not here. =(

My sister................T___T. Purposely don't wanna cover her face. See her happy face. xD

Mr. Hong. Organizer of this surprise party. Thanks a lot. Love you~~

Thanks for each and everyone attending my party on 22nd Sept. You guys gave me another precious memories that I'll never forget. Thanks Mr. Hong for organizing the party for one month AGAIN. I really really appreciate it. Not to forget my friends who text me, wish me on facebook, face to face etc etc. Thanks for your wishes. 

Except thanks, i've nothing to say. I feel that my 18th birthday celebration is so perfect. Love you guys always. (Including those who absent.)

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