Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'll Be Back.

Hi peeps.Wish you peeps Happy New Year.I'm heading to Shanghai right now.Please don't miss me.I'll take lotsa photos and keep my blog update.
Another video that i love the most.It's Super Junior's rap on 301210 KBS Gayo Daechukje.They rap seriously like a man.I love it so so so much.(I'm not saying their previous rap not like a man).Enjoy the video.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2.23AM In The Morning.

I can't sleep.2.23am right now.Maybe It's early to some of you but not me.I should be dreaming right now.I can't sleep well recently.I dream a lot.My brain can't even rest.Headache from morning until night.Nothing is bothering me but idk why like this.Money?Friendship?Studies?How to fill up my boredom at home?Can't wait for next Saturday's leaving.At least I have a week relax myself at a cold country.

Introduce you guys a very nice song.It's OST from Dream High drama.Miss A's Suzy -Winter Child.Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liese - Milk Tea Brown.

I've natural brown hair.But I still not satisfy with it because it's not obvious.My sister chose this hair colour for me and I didn't say anything.Brave huh?Because I dislike making decision.Well, I trust her and she say that I look like a comment about my own hair.

Liese - Milk Tea Brown



Tomorrow going undang seminar.Finally....but i need to be alone for few hours.Kinda scare.Hope I won't be blur.>_<

Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome Back To Malaysia.

My elder sister is back! She bought a lots of things.(Actually not that lotsa.).But her luggage is completely full & super heavy.Well, important is she back with us safely and 20 more days, she'll be going back there with us.I can't wait for that day because after few years departing from LCCT which i feel damn bored & sucks, I'm departing from KLIA this year.HURRAY.

Snacks.......Biggest ever Pocky..
Anyone love Hershey a lot?According to my sister, Hershey is damn cheap there.Anyone?

I thought is a present for someone.....But...........

It's HanKyung's photobook & CD.

 this a lot.

Books & Magazine...........

Thanks a lot, sister.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011, Bye 2010

H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R

I'm late for this post.How did you celebrate your last day of 2010?

Well, 2010 isn't a nice, peaceful year to me.Between good and bad, it's bad.Of course, it also sometimes good.But happiness with me in 2010 is very less.

Finally,I'm graduated from secondary school.As i'm always wanted to graduate.
♥ I get to see people's face clearly.Who is the B**** and who is the one i can trust.
♥ I spent a lot of money in this year.I wanted to save it back in 2011.
♥ I lost the deeply love one and met a different,special,reliable one.
♥ I missed a lot of fun with my special friends. (Super Pabo, MilyE, TD darlings)
♥ I realize that I'm important in my friend's heart and everything is not as bad as imagine.
♥ I love blogging more.I love my friends more.I love alcohol more.
♥ I met stress, insomnia, insane, problems, disappointments, questions.....etc.
♥ I started to learn make up.I'll fail all because of laziness.
♥ I learnt, No Pain, No Gain.It always reminds me of TVXQ's song.

Somehow, I feel that 2011 will much more better than 2010.2010 is my worst ever year.I don't want to list out my to-do list or wishes or any bullshits.It'll be a freaking long list just like a RM500 receipt from wherever supermarket.

Here is my first addicted song in 2011.Thx to xianxian..Enjoy...=)