Monday, May 30, 2011

Third week.

Well, I guess I'll just blog once a week?Maybe twice a week?Because assignments making me can't breathe and maybe that I spent my weekends on Super Junior-M. YES! Is Super Junior-M. So, I slept 2 hours this two days. Gonna responsible for my time spending on SJ-M. But it worth!!

I went for Hari Belia in Putrajaya Precinct 3. They sang 9 songs. Songs including Perfection, Super Girl, Destiny, Blue Tomorrow, Henry's solo - Off My Mind, KyuHyun solo - If You Have Heard, RyeWook's - I only care about you, EunHyuk solo - MJ mix song dance, ZhouMi's - 凌晨三点钟. I recorded videos. So no photos for their performance. I'm sorry about that and I got only one camera. I just share YouTube videos here for replacement.

Everyone is waiting for SJ-M.Some fans queue from 6AM and the show starts on 10PM. Big applause for them. I seriously cannot do this. I'll faint on spot. But it worth to queue that long.


The only picture I have.><

All video credit to MYSJ@말레이시아 엘프

Last but not least, I share my 1st artwork here. Well, not that amazing, awesome or whatever stuff. But I feel quite happy when my dad feel unbelievable when he looking at my drawing. Dad, I can draw de larr..Just need some training and proper teaching. I'll work harder to prove that, your money is not wasted!


Gonna continue my POP UP work. If not I will be sleep at 6AM again and wake up at 8AM. Damn faint.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

College start.


After the three orientation days, I was looking forward to my class.However, it was quite tough for those who don't even know how to draw, like me. Almost one week, my drawing class, figure studies, design fundamental was quite fun. Even Malaysian Studies! But then I still feel sad and emo especially I saw someone beside me draw very well. I doubt whether I choose the correct course again. (Well, I always doubt.) Lecturers & Tutor not bad. They are experience in teaching and fun. I'm looking forward for more assignments. Well, I'll try my best to update my blog often. End with a short post. <3

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Orientation Dayss.

Date : 11/May 2011
Time : 9AM-4PM
Venue : Sunway Pyramid

First day of orientation I met my old friends in the early morning. Pui Yan, Poh Yee and Jhi Yen & of course Mikie is with me. =D. The orientation start late and end at around 12.45pm. Then we had our lunch with JengJeng along, chill around & Chatime together. Quite happy with my darlings around with me. I bought belated Mother's day present for my mummy in Body Shop. Not something expensive but with our heart. Another bad day that, I lost my cardigan that bought few weeks ago.

Poh Yee...My Darling from SMKTD =D

McD together with our special guest - Jeng Jeng

Can you hold it like this?


Our student card.BITE IT!


Chatime together!

Present for my mama. She is so happy. Love you, mama

Date : 12/ May 2011
Time : 9AM - 4PM
Venue : Sunway Pyramid

Another day with briefings in TGV cinema. Well, their briefing quite important for newbie and we met our principle, Tatsun Hoi. He is quite a cool man. He share some experience of him and his student with us. Quite funny. Then student helper guide us to where we need to meet up the next day. After that, back to college and take our art materials. I saw someone looks like YeSung, Super Junior. His hair, his face and all. But then YeSung is not this tall. kkkkkkkk.





Sister is crazy about McD can!

Then I watch Fast 5 in Pavilion at night. Fast 5 is fantastic! I want to watch the second time. The first movie that I really want to watch the second time. I love the way they do their job. That is so crazy and awesome! Nevertheless, there is hot guy inside. =D This movie is worth to watch. I can't wait to watch the 6th episode!

Date : 13/May 2011
Time : 10AM-2PM
Venue : Sunway Lagoon

Last day of orientation. We going to have fun in Sunway Lagoon. Met friends and seniors. They're funny & friendly. Nice to meet you guys. 2nd time proof that I cannot sit on those facilities. Feel so sad.


They're going for roller coaster to finish the task.



Heading to the next destination



Buggy needed?20 bucks all day hop on. But prefer walking place to place.

Place for you to buy drinks and food. Expensive.

Lockers for your belongings.

We met some handsome foreigners while we finish our last task.


How to arrange this?

Our final answer.



Head of SSD

Announcing winners

While we taking picture, seniors clash in.


Chilling while others went for 2nd round.


The loves one.

With monkey on the roof.


Big map outside.

Pamper yourself with healthy 14 days challenge! Nestle Bliss, only yogurt drink in Malaysia contains Inulin along with live cultures, low fat/0% fat, made with real fruit juice and no artificial colouring. It also comes with 11 different flavours. So what's your flavour?  Nestle Bliss

Super Junior-M is coming at 528 for Malaysia's Hari Belia. Have your prepare their latest song, Perfection's fan-chant? Shout & scream for them now! Support them!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flash Back

#01 I think this is our first photo in Changi Airport, Singapore. I wondering how old are we.

Thanks to Miss Raeshyl for making me miss my previous life with her so badly. We both knew each other when we're following a tour to Korea. We both family's relationship already over 10+ years. Time flies. We travel together, family day together, sleep together, shit together and many more.
#02 I'm not inside this photo. I don't know where am I. But Nicole is here.(Raeshyl's younger sister. The one smiling without one front teeth)

#03 08 @ Singapore Zoo.

#04 10-12 years later. The "lovely couple" going to graduate in university & I'm entering college.

Other than this, I share a bit of life that I miss the most with these very very formal photo.

#01 I miss my Volleyball time during Primary school. Passion towards Volleyball

#02 Prefect life during primary school with my first best friend - Megan Lim

#03 Our last picture with the best teacher.

#04 Form 2 life - Prefect + Assistance class monitor, Ponteng class life.

#05 Continue my passion towards Volleyball in Form 2. But then I quit this year. Damn regret.

#06 SPBT life with awesome friends and teacher- Puan Punita (I'm sorry if i spell her name wrong.Correct me.)

#07 Form 3 with crazy people in d class & my last year with them.

#08 Continue with a i don't know how to describe's life with new people in Form 4 & 5. Well, they're awesome friend too. Maybe.

#09 Friends that always beside me, my "family". BFF

#10 Still not the whole 'family'

#11 Jacy sis & my cousin sister, Esther. She is always like my older sister.

#12 With Celestine sis at Alps, Switzerland?

#13 My another family-MYSJ. 
First row : Emily, Acidice, May
Second row : Estee, Eyrans(My dear), Yi Rui
Third row : Karen, Onnie, My "parents- Shirley & Yann.
And a lot more....I'll find a chance a camwhore with them.

Life is beautiful with awesome people around us and it makes me learn how to appreciate things/people around me. Everything changed but our friendship never fade away. I'm looking forward my new life with awesome people. Never give up your life easily. This moment it might be tough, but you'll get unexpected thing after you went thru everything.

The end with my flash back post. Remember to vote me if you like my blog at the right hand sidebar.xoxo.