Saturday, August 28, 2010

♥ Two Lovely Day

 Combining two post together.Yesterday and today 

Yesterday went Red Box with 'family'
Our 'gorilla' is leaving KL back to Singapore and going Czech.
Last day with her.

TODAY ----Dating with Mikie
 Promised to watch Vampires Suck with her.
Didn't know much about this movie.
Just accompany her.♥
Walked around Mid Valley. =)
My dad waiting area really pro. *applause*
Thanks Mom & Dad for fetching and sponsor. *touch*
♥ Nice day date with Mikie

Blur picture can be one of your

Choco Baby & EPOP~!!

Thought I can rest at home.............but....................SNOWFLAKE DESSERT~!!!

*yawn* Time to sleep now.Goodnight readers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


之前看到Thomas Sabo的项链很漂亮


My future pretty dark right now.
For few days,I keep thinking..........Should i really take Music in future?
Fyi,I failed my grade 8 practical.
Passing mark is 100.But i got 92.
What a hurt for me.
Maybe the examiner is asking me to practice more to get another 8 marks?
Or it means I almost reach the level of grade 8?
When i told my mum about it,she said,consider about other course.Not just Music.
I was stunned.
Thought Music is the one you and I chose and like?
I can't made up my mind.
I can't concentrate doing my revision with this spinning in my mind.
Can anyone of you tell me or advice me?
To retake my grade 8, RM400++ for the exam fee.
300++ for my monthly piano fee.
Should I continue or give up for other things right now?

New Stuff.

Two days ago, I shopped with Jacy sis and my parents in Ikea. syok..
Finally my dad is buying bookshelf for us after a few century.
Love Ikea furniture and deco thing.

3 of them are choosing and deciding.Left both of us.

Crocodile for YeSung in SS3?A crocodile cost 50 buck *FML*

Trolley no.1

Trolley no.2

Yellow bag

But today..................................

As you observe,all the bookshelf white in colour.
love white and my both sisters dislike it.
As long as my mum and I insist and my dad okay with it.

Love this photo.

Monday, August 23, 2010



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What a nice shock today.
No more explanation.
Thought my luck went up after July ended.
But it wasn't.
I decided absent school until trial exam.

I had a mixed feeling.
I thought everyone around me is the one i can trust.
But obviously no.
Except my flies,who can i trust?
I wasn't mad.
I don't blame.
I clam.
I learnt to be like this.
It doesn't mean i afraid of you.
I believe there is meaning behind this incident.
God will help the one who is right.
(I'm not Christian.)
Maybe someday,you'll be like me.
Or maybe worst.

It's okay.Chill.
Everything will goes fine.
3 months left.
I don't want to know who is right who is wrong.
The truth might hurt me.
Because I believe everyone of you is kind-hearted person.

I never believe I have a good good life.
Just appreciate what I having right now.
My family.
My 'family'.
My 'flies'.
Each and everything in my house.
And the 'pabo'.
It's more than enough.
Loves and cares.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I think everyone of you do agree with me.

I have a bad mouth.Why i say so?Because i do talk without thinking and after awhile you asked me,what I said,my response will be, "HUH?what i said?".To be honest,i really forgot what I said except you remind me again.Is this good or bad?Of course bad.This is the attitude that I can't get to change.This causes a lot of argument among my friends and I.Of course,the one I love.

15th is the worst day ever.Me and him can even argue for a tiny lil things for few times.What for?I did not know.My mood was bad.I couldn't even make up my mind or say something good out of my mouth.WTH is going wrong.My rational thought,toleration are all gone.I do mad even my friend insulting me as what he normally do.WHATS WRONG~!

Bad bad bad bad.

Song : Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl.

Sky are so beautiful.

Busy airport.

stupid fellow don't even want to take photo.

India money with Ghandi there.

nice shot my gloria.


Photo of the day