Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY Shopping

wearing my sister's lens..
damn nice!!!!

after school,we went timesquare to do our shopping
walk from 4 something to 9 something
1st time...with mk
*touch touch*
walk non stop from timesquare to sg. wang
bought dress,wallet,t-shirt,shirt,hair clip
enjoyed today's shopping
spent RM100+
more or less?
different style,different me

the cotton on's and silver...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coming Soon

19.02 back from GuiLin,China
i just manage to touch my laptop today
and upload my photos into facebook

stories will be tell later (when i'm free)

Friday, February 12, 2010

4 hours to go...

i still don't have the mood to go to trip
and even don't have the mood to celebrate CNY
like last year
i miss everyone before i go trip
imma a weirdo
6a.m i'll be leaving Malaysia
the first time i'm watching dawn on plane
so excited 
and long time didn't go trip with Raeshyl
Thanks MK for acc me chatting in msn
love you d most
one week i won't be around
CNY holiday is to relax and forget sad things
just like MK said..
i shouldn't bring along the ring
just let it keep inside my drawer with the HK lolipop
Lastly...Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and visitor of my blog


Bought camera to school today for Kerja Amal
teach those remove student Bahasa Malaysia
the boys are really rude as in their attitude *beh song*

the girl i taught
then camwhore in class

the sleeping beauty and hand of gorilla behind us
when the school ends,cute lil rachel gave my camera a cute pose 
after school,i did some stupid things on my hair
but it actually looks nice
used 4 thick rubber band

as girl grow older, we'll start to make-up,wear nicely and PHOTO EDIT
i tried photo edit today
thanks MK for teaching me and something happened
this photo will tell
i know its ugly and i laugh till almost fall from my chair
she didn't tell me that the buldge can be adjust
i just click.....this is what i look like by not adjusting the size
= =lll
then we have our CNY dinner today
thanks mummy,grandma and auntie for cooking the meal
and thanks dad for spending thousand ringgit in it
thanks for the attendance
abalone hide inside the "fat choi" ^v^
p.s : my mum cook it

ignore the fish..grill prawn by my auntie..some "hoi mei" by my grandma
Kyu capture a photo and i think he posted it on his CY or wherever
i love the photo very much
Kyu is the best for me
and today my mind remind me that i'm going to China tomorrow night which is early morning
feel so exited and abit dull
not really ready for the trip
and the whether there minimum 0 celcius and highest 9 celcius
wish me luck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I damn angry and "beh song"
everything you said is correct
and what i said was wrong
if people know me well
they'll just know i dislike to explain
and i don't know how to express myself well
if you still remember what happened last month
i think your memory are too good
not i don't want to explain
is i feel that just let it be and i've no mood to do the explanation
i know you'll feel curious and want to know what happened exactly
i just dislike you and maybe until the state of hate
i respect you as my 선생님
but you cannot just say or do or "beh song" someone if you don't know him/her well
you wrote D for me which i cannot see any reason except this
don't think that everyone likes you because you're funny and good in xxx
yes..maybe for some of them
just like what you said
everyone will change
same as you, you changed too
what i dislike is a D inside my  without any reasonable reason!
and maybe just like what WN said
i shouldn't come to this school at first
the decision i made was wrong
i miss the life in old school
and if i'm not last year for high school
i will probably transfer back to the old school
because this school has nothing good
smktd is well known (as those parents said)
but this school?
-not well  known
-strict like hell
-some teacher are sucks
-discipline love to 'exercise' so much that makes us cannot concentrate in class
except friendship, there's no reason for me to stay and study there.
9 and 1/2 months to take my SPM and leave this school.

p/s : i love mk (credit to mk) [she force me to write it..xD]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Performance by Progression

转载请注明转自:MYSJ@大马SJ之家 (
Credit out will full version!

A performance of Sorry Sorry Remix for Super Junior Super Show II Live in Malaysia Official Ticket Launch at Sg Wang on 6th Feb 2010 


Video Recorded by:
Keiya (MYSJ)

Video Edited by:

Chrisaiden (MYSJ)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

♬ 06.02.2010

Tuition from 10am-3pm
then went timesquare repair my CPU
met XiaoMing
he really looks like ShinChan
but i still don't believe he is taller than me xD
went Summer Cafe pass the SS2 ticket to Karen
watched their performance in Onnie's camera *Thanks*
then straightly go Miin house
help her prepare things
then party start at 7p.m
and now,i'll just let the photo do the description 

Using knife to open our card = =
*thanks to my sister for using orange juice to stick it = =*

present of the *kaki botol*



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to YOU, My Love..

曺圭贤,Happy Belated Birthday


p.s. xianxian's boy shirt~it's Rm50..OMG~from Romp

My dad didn't pay for the phone bill for one day
pity me cannot online already
1.50p.m. reach home then sleep until night
it's quite difficult to live without computer nowadays
plus downloading videos
updating myself..long time didn't update myself to SuperJunior 
Disconnected to everything in this world
really blur with everything
skipping school tomorrow and Saturday
yeay~i'll miss my Charisma guy..xD
school is quite boring recently
i failed 4 subjects badly
feel like, my future is full of darkness
not bright at all
really don't know how to face my SPM
thinking the bad way again
"what if i fail my SPM"
but i won't let this happen,of course
the line in my sister's working place is DAMN FAST
download like 100+kb/s
finish 1GB video in 1 hour
feel like overnight here  xD
gonna go right now..back to a place which cannot online..TvT

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

30.01.2010❤ 31.01.2010 ❤ 01.02.2010

❤ 30.01.2010
Oops..i purposely skip this "big day" in ma blog
30th is my younger brother a.k.a my dad's favorite son's birthday
we sisters bought him a Lego set
which was a original Ferrari product
that cost me 90RM
but my dad pay for it
it's ok..xD
my mum bought him an ice-cream cake
dad bought him a watch
what a blissful child

❤ 31.01.2010

went sunway shopping with my sisters and hau
just bought one singlet and a pair of shoe that recommend by mikie

bought the same color with her
she gonna kill me tomorrow 
but...friend what..who cares..
i don't mind wearing the same bra or underwear with her
(not sharing..i buying the same..don't get me wrong)
we went Cotton On
we spent about an hour there?
choosing shoe thinking what colour should we buy..xD
then we bought two bucket of BR
i finish up one bucket by myself 
holy sweet
but when i feel emo,this ice-cream cheer me up

then went back home by 6pm
I spent my last day of January with them
somehow i feel that its good to have sisters
because you can share to buy something xD

p.s. my eyes look bigger in this photo
Spent the 1st day of February in Mid Valley with XianXian and my sister
obviously,we went there for shopping
but i can't get anything there
either it's too expensive or i don't like it
then we eat our lunch by 6 something in Sushi Zanmai again
and it's the 1st time that Zanmai is out of Salmon Sashimi
feel so sad about it
then we went Starbucks again..Green Tea latte
it taste so milky
kinda dislike it
while xian reading her "Wimpy Kids",i camwhore again

Photo of the day
the flies