Sunday, June 26, 2011



Happy Birthday to Koon Mun, one of my BFF. We planned everything and thank god, he didn't realize it. Thank Mr. Rascal for baking the birthday cake although he make Mr. Hazman cirit-birit in the end. =D. Thank you guys and I'll always love you. Our friendship never end.




Shing~ Me and Rachel's long leg

Mun is watching our wishes clips.








Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey Peeps!


Hey peeps! Hey my lil bloggie! I just having nearly forget about this about that about my bloggie about my readers. I'm just keep thinking and thinking how am I looking for NAKED PICTURES. Yes. You're right. I'm looking for NAKED POSES PICTURES. Aiya..not for other purpose. Its for my figure studies assignments. Imma good girl and you peeps too! *LOVES*

I'm learning how to do inking recently. I think this doesn't look alike right? It more look like Kim JunSu (TVXQ). Quite swt about it. Well, I ain't gonna redo it again. Artblock is expensive.T.T

How about this? Kim Hee Chul *lmao*

This is what we doing in Figure Studies class. Torturing the idk what it call.

Mr. Wen Ping.

Mr. Sean

What is our similarity in this picture? xD

Weather recently is not that good. Take care, everyone. Don't fall sick (I think this should say it to myself.)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I just got my contact lens from Chinkie Candy. It's Nudy Grey. I hope I look okay with this contact lens. She is friendly and with good service. *Thank you so much* Of course, affordable price and C.O.D service in Sunway area. =)

If you're interested, please 'Like' Chinkie Candy ,check availability in the list and order by posting on her wall. =)


Other than this, today i met a terrified thing after I'm back from college. It happens in shop lots around my house. My sister and I wanted to stop by and buy some food. When we turning in that area, a car behind hon us. We thought our car blocked him so we speed up a lil bit faster. When we reach our destination, the car stop a distance in front of our car. Two Indian man came down. They stand apart like blocking our car from moving out. They show some ID card saying they're people from what sewa beli thingie ( Rent and sell thingie) and asked us to scroll down our mirror. Luckily in the end, we manage to escape this with our method. No matter guys or girls, ladies or gentlemen, PLEASE BE ALERT WHEREVER YOU ARE! Look around you before you get off from car!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

100611 U-Kiss Album Showcase.

Date : 10th June 2011
Time : 8PM-930PM
Venue : Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

I tagged along Rachel to U-Kiss Album Showcase as she got extra ticket. Thanks Rachel very much for the ticket.They perform 4 songs and play 2 games with fans. Their English is very good. I think 2-3 members is super active and speak English from beginning to the end. I'm not their fans and I even don't know who is who. But then I know SuHyun. Never forget his reaction -"mwo ya." Damn funny. Nice memories with different Korean celebrities. Sincerely thanks Miss Rachel for the ticket.












I just able to upload one of my fancam up to Youtube. I took 7 hours to upload this.@^#@%&*(@@! It's my favorite song of them and it's their new song too. =) Hope my fancam won't shaky for you.=) Please do not re-upload it. Respect other people's work. Enjoy~

Saturday, June 11, 2011

End of Week 4.

I can't believe that I'm entering week 5 next Monday. It was like wow, so fast?! Recalling my memories, what have I done for my previous 4 weeks. Well, while approaching to the end of Year 1 Sem 1, I can sense that my assignment work load is getting more and more. Well, right now, I enjoy my assignment work and everything. Foundation is best ever in mean while, Major course will be commit suicide. Just feel like staying in foundation with gang of awesome classmates.

Messy table not avoidable when you're doing assignments. 


Babe, I love you. Please don't leave me. (Words from bottom of my heart.)

Lecturer looking at us with his "BIG" eye.O.O

Every girls do this in toilet and I think we must take one because...............

Big, Small, Big........EYES. T.T



BB user is No.1 antisocial peeps in the world. iPhone is No.2?


After 1 1/2 hours of MPW subject, everyone look like this.

14. Super Junior + Ever Lasting Friend = 14. And it also mean that I need to do my presentation next week. fml

Pretties in Chatime.

I'm looking forward for taking more pictures with you guys. Oh wait, our class picture! Wondering when should we take that picture. Maybe this might be a lil bit late to say now, but, I'm glad to meet each and everyone of you. You guys are really amazing and awesome. We might not be close, but it's fate that we're in the same class for 1 semester. 

Sometimes I really think that, it's quite miracle that there are i don't know how many million peoples in Malaysia and we meet each other through college or even passby or using the same lift etc. So appreciate peoples around you. It's really a miracle to meet and know each other among xxx xxx xxx xxx millions of people in Malaysia/ Worldwide.

Coming Up Next : 100611 U-Kiss "Bran New Kiss" Album Showcase @ Pavilion.


Stay Tune and Goodnight readers. Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super Junior Bijin 美人 (Bonamana Japanese ver)

110606 Super Junior M fanparty - If You Have Heard 如果你也聽說 (Kyuhyun)

Continue my assignments. Good habit that we accumulate money but not assignments. Everyone do have stress no matter what. 

Weather is being hot and cold recently. Take care, my readers.



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Sunday, June 5, 2011

04062011 : Food Trip With Parents


Parents decided to go for a food trip. Their purpose : don't want us to be too stress on our studies. sweet. So I decided to put my work aside and follow them. Well, I don't take photos on food because food is just food. Chinese food with vegetables and all. Nothing special. =) Special is the time we spent with them together.


To be honest, I dislike going trip with parents because my dad is relaxing type and I wanted to visit every place. But then, still choose to spent time with them because what they want is, every family member gather together. How many time in the future that you guarantee that you have time spenting with them like this together? I cannot promise because everyone have their life and busy working in future.


We went up to Awana hotel, Genting Highland. Both Nicole and my parents sitting there chatting and planning our future trip while we youngsters camwhore together, chatting about our relationship stuff. xD


Sky is really beautiful until I feel everything beside me is good. Although weather is hot. Enjoy the hot weather while you put on sunblock. Not bad right? You won't get UV and darker skin tone while you walking on street. Nevermind. Figure Studies just making me insane. 

Who Am I?
I'm Crystal SookShin.

Have you forgotten me?你遗忘了我吗?