Monday, January 1, 2001

Welcome 2011, Bye 2010

I'm late for the post.How you guys celebrate the last day of 2010?

Well, 2010 isn't a nice,peaceful year to me and i dislike this year.Too many reasons that i just want to save it as one of my memory.

 I finally graduated from secondary school and move on for my future....Which I always wanted to graduate from secondary school.
 I understand and determine people clearly(who is the bitchy/bastard and who is the one i trusted)..
 I fall in love with high heels..Especially killer heels..I'm not afraid of wearing it anymore..
 I realize that, I'm important to everyone and everything is not as bad as i imagine. =PP
 I spent a lot a lot a lot of money this year.I think much more more than previous.
 I missed a lot of fun. (Super Pabo, TD darling, MilyE....etc..I miss you guyss)
 I'm changing.No matter outlook or inner.wish me luck.I'm sucks with it.
 Love to blog more.Love to share more.More visitor? =)


For 2011, I feel that my life would be much more better.2010, is my bad luck year.So 2011 will be a lucky year?I don't wanna list out what to do.It'll like a 500 bucks receipt from Jusco.

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.

First song that make me addicted in 2011.Thx to xianxian...Enjoy~~