Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009

It's the end of 2009
2009's time passes so damn fast
i really can't remember what i'd done in this year
i changed my hair style
look more mature
i entered the new school
and get along to my classmates
we having fun together
make noise together
joke together
it's wonderful time
I appreciate it very much
and i really thanks for accepting me that fast
as a newbie
my studies in this year was bad
and i'll try harder next year
this is my aim for 2010
and for my coming trials and exams

in the new year
i wish everything will be smooth and fine
my classmates,i'll see you four days later

★ 30.12.2009

went out for a movie today
trying to let myself relax and don't feel emo
hardly controlling myself not to emo
because miin doesn't like it
i'm guessing whether he'll appear on today's outing
my heart told me he won't
the answer is,he didn't appear

watched Avatar
as siew hong said..
really nice
it's abit long and abit bored
but the movie was nice
i love the place where those blue people stay
it's really nice
but they wear too less clothes..
not clothes is grass..==
then went to spaghetti farm for my dinner
and walk awhile then back home
i was very curious
when miin paying parking ticket
a mum and a daughter was looking at me
i was like....hmm...anything wrong with my clothes?
or i'm pretty today or too sexy?

today's tuition i had a short presentation
i share photos and describe about those photos
i was like very nervous
nervous until my hands are shaking and i can't speak clearly and well
i'm so disappointed on myself
i remembered last time my school aural test i did very well
it's also like a presentation thing
but why this time i can't?
maybe the air-con too cold?
maybe something is bothering me?
but i believe, i will do it better next time
i promise myself
and i had eaten set lunch that include :
sambal sotong rice+fresh fruit+WHITE COFFEE
then when i finish my tuition
i started feel like vomiting and don't really feeling very well
and skip my another lunch at home
my sister nag me again
because ate sambal and drank white coffee
the nagging sister...pity me..

after back home,i emo again
if i didn't feel like reading my own blog
i won't read those comments
but thanks for the concern and caring
and i won't read his blog
it's really my fault
and my dad was right
my bad temper will ruin my life
especially my marriage
i didn't change any of my attitude
but maybe,our love and care hide inside our heart will be better
because i knew you'll be very difficult to be with me
because of my bad temper
i love you and i miss you
wish you'll have a better girlfriend..

but i'm still waiting for tomorrow
last day for 2009
what will happen tomorrow,i don't know

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The End

it will be a dry,no soul post
I'm a troublemaker
and i knew that everyone dislike my attitude and so on
even my dear also started to hates me
i can't really express myself well
but i really totally speechless
i really want to know what happened
expect the way i talk is too over
maybe it's the end of the relationship
since he said like that
and i really stunned when i got the message
what i feel was heartache,heart pain
and second one is control my tears not to fall again
i feel that i got a curse on me
my every relationship sure won't over 7 months
and it's the 7th month now
maybe after this relationship
i won't get into any relationship again
because it hurts
i can't accept these hurts and pain
or maybe i should disappear from the gang
or appear less
i seriously don't know what to do now
i wanted to say "sorry"
but i swallow it without any reason
i regret that i swallow it
really really really very pain
i really don't know should say it out to my friends 
but my final decision was keep it inside my heart
find a quiet place and cry alone
don't make trouble again
because no one likes a emo person
as what my facebook status stated
"heart is the best place to keep secrets"
if really break up,please don't ask why
just chit chat like normal
i dislike people ask me why if anything happens
"listen to my heartbeat"
but do i still have any heartbeat?
maybe i should really put this relationship down
because two different person be together is a very hard and difficult things
keep arguing/quarreling 
wish to get back together
but i think its really impossible
because it's a curse
i will be fine
i will be more stronger
i will be better
please allow me to say the last time,
Dear,I love you..

Monday, December 28, 2009

Today & Tomorrow

Today went out for breakfast with my sis's dear family
then went his house
parents chit-chatting
then we went cc again
play for 4 hours
fetch miin at tropicana city mall
then went jaya 1 for dinner

my dad keep calling me tonight
and keep asking us to go back early
i feel afraid
because few years ago,
my cousin passed away in a car accident
my uncle also keep calling him
ask him to go back home earlier
but he didn't say the reason why
[my uncle know those fate things..]
and my cousin passed away
if i tell my dad
ask him not to keep calling me
and if i tell him this reason
he won't accept it and he might scold me

after we back home
his mood was terrible
just because of some family inheritance problem
i was like...what is the fucking problem again
there's so many daughter and son in the family
and they still want argue about it
each of them won't get much of money
some of my auntie said grab my grandma's also
i was like damn angry
my grandma still very healthy and alive
and she's very old now
her daughter still treat her like that
they really lost their humanity
all because of MONEY!!!
what the fuck!!
[sorry for the impolite..]

tomorrow will be a boring and tired day
4 hours tuition 1 hour break *cry*

**cam whoring**

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Recently really addicted to a online game-Fun City On Web
keep on playing through facebook
keep on up level and doing mission
mission that repeating
but seriously,going in cyber cafe with a gang of friends that playing a same online game is fun!!!
i celebrate my X'mas day like this
and so do my friends
it's first time i'm that addicted to a game
because before that i used to feel that gaming is waste of time and really don't know what and why yourself playing and there's no reason
but i'm doing it now
now it's 4:05am in the morning
and except for yesterday
i used to sleep in this time
and i feel that
alcohol makes me sleep very comfortable and won't awake suddenly

I want to go to mid valley!!!!
i wanted to buy a ring!!
love it so much and it's not costy
since i'm bankrap
but no one willing to fetch me and accompany me
there's many movie i would like to watch
but tomorrow is a last day for me to go out whole day
i don't want to waste this chance
because started from next monday until 30th
i will be tuition from 10am-3pm
oh my god...this is tough and boring
and i only have time after 3pm
what to do with the half day left? *sigh*2*
finally i feel tired and sleepy now
it's time for me to go to bed now *yawn*

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad News

Just few days i didn't online,suddenly on my facebook and saw everyone's status was like abit strange..
my six sense and feeling told me that somethings is going wrong
really got something happened
HanKyung sue his company,SM
just like TVXQ's three member's case
really damn scare in the end,
SuperJunior will be like TVXQ

another thing is kyuhyun wrote something in his CY world
antis,hankyung's fans and maybe E.L.F scold him
and he closed his CY
Just few days i didn't online
and i thought everything will be fine and we just pass our Christmas and 2009 peacefully
i really don't know what to do right now
maybe just like xiao2 said :
"don't do anything, whatever decision he made,no matter it's right or wrong..we just support him..."
It's like support blindly
but this is the only things we can do now
i won't let myself cry
because there's alot of things i need to do now
i will be praying for you all that everything will be fine
SuperJunior forever 13 members!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Should be putting more effort

My router strike by thunder few days ago
cannot online..
today i had my piano class
and i'm not in a good situation
my teacher said that i'm not that good
and i'm not as good as last week
feel bad and sad
but i really don't know what happened to me
maybe i over slept?over lazy?over practice?
feel useless that i'd practice but can't let my teacher feel that i'd practiced and done my homework
plus next week and the following week is holiday
class was cancelled
if i notice and knew that next week have no class
i will do better and let my teacher to have a nice holiday
but......too bad..
what happen has happened
we can't change the fact
just do better next time
feel bad.............
Should be putting more effort....Gambateh!!

Monday, December 14, 2009


Continuous hang in MidValley for three days
that's horrible and went there just for hanging around
Almost become MV kia already
like what Siew Hong said
:"why don't you just overnight there?"

Thursday went with MeiKay
She said she want watch Storm Warrior with me before she flying ahead to Japan?
so i was like.........OK..lets go.........e-ticketing the next day
and go at the day after e-ticketing
made decision suddenly,and go out suddenly
that's cool
took photos infront of those Christmas decorations
I prefer Garden's deco more than MV's
Christmas tree with white decorations

Friday went Red box with miin,gloria,sis
location-Mid Valley
maybe its public holiday
Mid Valley area jam like hell
we were lucky that we found parking
maybe its because i shouted:"we're lucky today"
when we get into MV's carpark..(><)'''
spent time in Red Box from 5pm-8pm
so damn tired and no mood
then walk awhile and went for dinner

Saturday,accompany xian for shopping
walk walk walk
thinking what to buy for yao's house warming
miin and xian won't help me on these things
impossible to go without some present
thinking to buy body shop's perfume things?
Plates from Jusco?some mattress?
What else?
It's the first time that i'm doing these things
or maybe angpau?
not married yet~~headache....
around 5pm, back home and ready for dinner

I'm facing insomnia recently with no reasons
maybe not consider as insomnia,
just can't fall asleep before 4am
what the hell is going wrong with me?
i'm not listening to Craig David's song-insomnia
Feeling tired but just can't sleep
nevermind, just let it be

and recently i'm totally addicted to MBLAQ's Oh Yeah
the song that my sister dislike and said it's a no point's song
don't care.......
everyone got their own interest
love to on music loudly and enjoying it
not using any headset or earphone
just with speaker
PC's speaker

and i just saw yinyin's photos
she just came back from Korea
feel like travelling without following tour guide is fun
free and easy
you can go where you want to go
eat what you want to eat
saw her photo
Korea is snowing
having a healthy body and happy life

my parents started to plan our new year trip
maybe going Hokkien in China
feel sad
because the day we back
Our prince is having their last SS II concert in Taiwan
too bad
If i had freedom from my parents
i will ask permission from them
and straightly fly to Taiwan and watch their concert
then back on Sunday midnight
too's totally impossible

just enjoy the life right now
and try to ask permission from parents
going Korea in 2010/2011
it's 3.40am right now
wait for my SHINee-JoJo's live and MBLAQ-Oh yeah video to load
after's time for me to go to bed~

Friday, December 11, 2009

SuperJunior's Award / Performance@ Golden Disk Award 2009

Super Junior won DAESANG @ Golden Disk Award 2009

Super Junior won Bonsang Award @ Golden Disk Award 2009

Super Junior won Popularity Award @ Golden Disk Award 2009

Super Junior & Shinee perform MJ's "Beat it" @ Golden Disk Award 2009

Super Junior-Sorry Sorry-Answer

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Golden Disk Awards Winners





Disk Bonsang Award (similar to best album)

Winner: SUPER JUNIOR - Sorry, Sorry
Winner: Drunken Tiger - Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
Winner: 2pm - 1집정규앨범 - Hottest Time of the Day
Winner: Lee Seung Chul - Mutopia
Winner: SG Wannabe

Disk Bonsang Award (similar to best album)

Winner: SUPER JUNIOR - Sorry, Sorry
Winner: Drunken Tiger - Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
Winner: 2pm - 1집정규앨범 - Hottest Time of the Day
Winner: Lee Seung Chul - Mutopia
Winner: SG Wannabe

Rap / Hip Hop Award


Samsung YEPP Popularity Award

Winner: SHINee
Winner: Super Junior

Rock Award

Winner: Jang Gi Ha and Faces

Newcomer Award

Winner: 4minute
Winner: T-ara

Congratulations to my dearest SuperJunior !

credit to :allkpop

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Monday, December 7, 2009

♥ 05.12.2009

Celebrated my sister, Jacy's birthday in Genting with them
I neven been to Genting before
Maybe not never
Just never hang around and have fun there before
This is the first time and it's another memorable day

Went there on Saturday at 2pm
I want to say that
The bus driver really PRO

Then we leave our things in Ria Apartment and went and enjoy ourself

We brought indoor tickets

Took photo everywhere
Had our dinner at Kenny Rogers
The Service there was bad
Food not that delicious that i expected
Then we separated
Went for Bumper Car second round
While we queue, we thinking of giving my sister a surprise

Leave for cakes, decoration

While we walking back to Ria Apartment,
Normally it's mist around Genting (of course!)
But it's not mist
It's fog
We can't even see the road in front
Even the sign board

Back to apartment, gave my sister surprise
Then we all sleep at 3 or 4am
But i insomnia
Thanks to Jason
Chat with me until i fall asleep

We wake up and pack everything and came back
I hate the destination
it makes me car sick

I like this trip
And i hope we will have the second time to go trip together
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Friday, December 4, 2009

8 Days 7 Nights Trip

The story start from......................
Around 3 something reached LCCT
Check-in our big luggage and stuff
just our luggage weight is 18KG..=='''..heavy
then went in customs and wait for boarding

around 5 something we depart from KL-Macau
So happy to see sunset on plane again
damn nice and damn love it

around 8 something reached Macau and out of Macau International Airport

and rent taxi to China custom
Reached Zhuhai and stayed overnight

After our breakfast, my dad rented a van and fetch us to ZhongShan
before we reach ZhongShan, We visited Sun Yat-Sen's old place

then we checked-in hotel and hang around
stayed in ZhongShan for about two days
and before we leave ZhongShan, we had a wonderful shabu shabu dinner
After our breakfast, back to ZhuHai
then night we had a seafood dinner
the place where we choose seafood was like a market

i love this seafood...

it's ugly

i was like...what's happening.......
we went for a cable car ride
oh my god
seriously...this kind of cable car....really scary

but its a nice experience..not bad
and as usual what we do in the night, shopping
but today, we found a photo sticker shop
and we took photo sticker together with our siblings and parents
the price so damn cheap 10RM..=='''

and felt happy that we had a chance to take photo sticker with whole family
We went to Macau and checked-in hotel
not feeling well..and rested in hotel
at night, we went to the place where Boys Over Flower shoot
it named The Venetian and the place named City of Dreams
once i step in The Venetian
i really.....shocked

so damn nice and pretty and luxury
before we went to airport
we went Ruins of St. Paul's and Mount Fortress

and tried the tart in Macau
tastes nice and different from Malaysia's
and we reached airport at 230PM
checked-in luggage--24KG and had lunch in airport's cafeteria
around 5 something we depart from Macau-KL
around 9PM we reached LCCT
the problem happened
what the hell
around 8PM in flight, i not sure whether i'm having fever
so i didn't inform my parents and just keep quiet
but went we wanted to pass the H1N1 thermo check, i get caught by having fever
but nothing happened.....the nurse just check my body temperature
and just filled in form and just let go
after back from airport, see doctor and ate medicine
if need some comment about my trip this time
it would be fun because we just shop and buy things
brought alot of stuff..a big luggage..kaka
but i think not enough souvenir...

my sis's books..=='''
her favourite, online fiction