Who Am I? ©


> I'm the one and only one in the world.
> Her parents named her, Lim Sook Shin.
> Crystal is the name that she gave herself.
> She was born in 22nd September and this day, she begin her life.
> She lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where a beautiful, peaceful country.
> Has single eye lid which makes her suffering during make up.
> Her natural hair is dark brown colour.
> A girl that secretly love her eyes and her mouth.
> But she wish that she has double eye-lid.
> God gave her natural straight hair, good eye-sight, good listening skills.
> She love her grandmother a lot.
> Always wanted to earn money then buy present for family and friends.
> She love piano a lot but she lazy and impatient to practice it.
> She is an impulsive, low EQ, low self-confident, contradiction.
> She is always blur.
> She always make mistakes and cause troubles.
> She easily affected by other person but she know what is right and what is wrong.
> Her communication skill is low.
> Not talented in studies.
> But she always want to learn Korean, Japanese, Latin.
> She hate making decision as she always couldn't make up her mind.
> She always feel sad when people misunderstand about her while she doesn't mean that.
> Dislike hiding from people and show her emotion on her face.
> She is always learning things from peoples.
> She always need other people's comment, recommendations, suggestions.
> She even don't know what is her favorite colour.
> She always got attracted by pink stuff while she doesn't really into pink that much.
> Obsessed with sexy high heels but she wouldn't wear it because she mind about her height.
> Big love Hello Kitty & cute stuff.
> Her always favorite series is Charmed.
> She is trying her best to appreciate everything she has but mostly, she failed.
> Her first favorite Korean band is TVXQ.
> But right now,  she is a big fan of Super Junior.
> Always favorite is Mr. Cho Kyu Hyun.
> Without any reason, she is obsess with Korean singer.
> Spent 2 years for TVXQ and 4th year for Super Junior.
> No Music, No Life.
> She love strong beat songs.
> She love blogging and photography but she couldn't get a better camera.
> She always want a Hello Kitty Instax 25 mini with tons of films.
> Always love editing her blog, keep changing and changing.
> Dream car - Audi, Mini Cooper, Porsche.
> She loves to eat carbohydrate food a lot.
> She always got tons of things want to buy.
> She is not a fashion girl.
> She always wanted to become a better person or have a better outlook.
> She is always hungry and craving for food.
> She love eggs a lot.
> She can finish a salted egg without porridge or rice.
> She dislike porridge because she'll be hungry in late night.
> She always need friendship love and attention more.
> She always fail in relationships.
> She love to keep unique plastic bags.
> She can't stand when her table/wardrobe is dirty or untidy.
> She love to tidy stuff after everyone slept.
> Love cats a lot.
> She use google translate a lot.
> Her English and Chinese is always bad.
> Malay is most worst.
> A blog and Super Junior stalker.
> She need stalkers and peoples love her blog.Follow her now.