Monday, January 16, 2012


Trespassing my "abandoned" blog. Been busying about my assignments lately and this is my first post in 2012. *teehee*

Time flies really fast. I'm currently Year 1 Sem 3 student is T.O.A. Short sem is definitely, seriously hectic than long sem. Everything packed together. 1 class about 2 assignment 1 project progress. But I like these kind of life especially there is someone you need to forget about and your mind won't have time to think about that person. 

This weekend is starting of Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!! Hey! Where is my ang pau? *hehehe* 

I'm looking forward for my March trip to Hong Kong again. It will definitely be fun! 


p/s : I own another artwork blog which one of my lecturer request us to open it as a sharing artwork blog. Feel free to visit ya! >>> Crystal.L My artwork might not be excellent or very nice. But definitely will be improving! :D