Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liese - Milk Tea Brown.

I've natural brown hair.But I still not satisfy with it because it's not obvious.My sister chose this hair colour for me and I didn't say anything.Brave huh?Because I dislike making decision.Well, I trust her and she say that I look like a foreigner.Hmm...................no comment about my own hair.

Liese - Milk Tea Brown



Tomorrow going undang seminar.Finally....but i need to be alone for few hours.Kinda scare.Hope I won't be blur.>_<


pOh yEe said...

Ohh~ love your hair color. The out come not bad ya. btw, did you dye your hair b4?

SookShin said...

Erm..no..my hair is natural brown adi de..but I just wanted to try dye hair..so I bought liese..贪爽而已的。heheheheee..
But if your hair is more into black,don't buy liese..waste money only..=)